Ghost Towns


Hidalgo County has two ghost towns; Shakespeare- established by mining and Steins- established by railroad. Both are available for tours.

shakespeare.jpgShakespeare is 2.5 miles from Lordsburg and offers an authenic look into the mining era of the past. The first silver strike was in 1870 and the resulting town, then called Ralston, grew to over 3,000 residents. Thriving as an overland mail stage stop, a mining town, and the only point of merchandise sales in the area, it died with the arrival of the railroad (three miles away) which began Lordsburg and the closure of mines in the 1893 depression.

Regular two-hour tours are available, as well as periodic reenactments of real Shakepeare events.

Shakespeare Web Site 

Shakespeare - Wikipedia



steins.jpgSteins was established as a stop on the Butterfield Overland Stage route in the mid 1800's. When the Civil War began, Congress closed the stage line.  The Army set up a communication station in Steins to signal news about Geronimo and other renegades. Later, the Southern Pacific Railroad built a work station in Steins, which sustained it until trains switched to diesel after WWII. The town then vacated.

Steins - Wikipedia

Ghost Towns

Historical Buildings and Sites

There are 24 sites in Hidalgo County listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Though many are not accessible to the public, you still have many historical sites to see. 

Lordsburg Walking Tour


1. Lordsburg Hidalgo Library, 1937

2. Hidalgo County Courthouse, 1927; WWI and WWII Eagle Monument

3. Historic Railroad Avenue and Southern-Pacific Tent City

4. Enrichment Center, Lordsburg's first high school

5. First United Methodist Church, 1894

6. Lordsburg Masonic Lodge # 30, 1906

7. Knights of Pythias Hall, Pyramid Lodge # 23, 1896

8. The Muir House, 1880's

9. Dunagan Hotel, 1889 (operated until 1976)

10. Church of Christ, 1896

11. Sam Gass Hourse, in which Elizabeth Garrett penned part of NM's state song

12. First Baptist Church, 1909

13. St. Josephs' Catholic church, 1900

14. Lordsburg-Hidalgo County Museum

15. Shadow Lawn House, 1889, restored 1973

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Bootheel Cowboy Poetry Fiesta

The second week in February, a two-night event brings in visitors and poets from all over the country. One night is reserved for stories and one for poems. Showcasing the western way of life in story, song, and poem, the fiesta entertains and educates with tales of cowboying. The fiesta is held in and benefits the Hidalgo County Museum. It is a must for everyone who hankers to be a cowboy, lives the cowboy life, or wonders what cowboys are really like. Plan to attend!

Lordsburg-Hidalgo County Museum



Photography and Art

The county is perfect for photography.  The weather changes so quickly that you might capture a summer rainstorm, rainbows, clear horizons, and a spectacular mountain sunset all in the same day. Hundreds of abandoned mining and homestead buildings can preserve the past in pictures. Mountain vistas and desert valleys can be accessible within a few miles. 

The scenery contains both plant and animal treasures.  Capture a Mexican Eagle in flight or a Gila Monster sunning. Snap a shot of a javelina herd or catch a bobcat with its cubs. See your first Coatimundi and Elegant Trogon, native to Mexico and only found in the US here.

If you paint or collect art, travel south to Rodeo, where the Chiricahua Gallery hosts regional artists' work. 

The Chiricahua Gallery


Bed and Breakfast & Country Lodging

Casa Adobe Bed and Breakfast

casa-adobe.jpgFor a friendly alternative to hotels, try a bed and breakfast.  You will get a dose of home cooking, stories about the area, and real people's lives by choosing a bed and breakfast facility.

Casa Adobe Bed and Breakfast


Rodeo Cottages

rodeo-cottages.jpgRemodeled and redecorated cottage with a kitchen and private patio. Pets accepted.

575.557.1167 or  773.248.4322

Painted Pony Resort

paintedpony.jpgAccommodate up to 18 people in three buildings with nine bedrooms. It has five RV hookups, also. Enjoy a geothermal/solar heated pool and hot tub, game rooms, and basketball court. Use the hangar and runway for aircraft or ultralight vehicles.  It is perfect for families, reunions, and small meetings.

Rodeo Site

Painted Pony Resort

Chiricahua Mountain Lodge

eventcenter.jpgEnjoy a new building in the Rodeo Valley with room for family reunions and rallies. Fully equipped and within a few minutes of many area attractions, it will be the perfect center for a day or week trip!



Chiricahua Desert Museum 

 A new World Class Tourist destination in the heart of the Bootheel of New Mexico. 2 Miles  north of Rodeo, NM on NM80  is the 8000 square feet facility which houses a uniquely Rare Live Reptile Specimens that are almost never seen in the wild or in zoo's.  They are all in beautiful enclosures that allows them to be viewed and photographed in a naturalistic setting.

The huge Wildlife and Botanical Garden is Free to all visitors of the Gift shop, which is said to be one of the nicest in all of Hidaglo County. Native American Jewelry, Natural History Artwork , Books and Wearables.  Open 9-5pm 7 Days per week, Closed only on Christmas and
Thanksgiving Days.  Call 575-557-5757 or 575-5307 for group rates and reservations.



Take a hike in a good way!  Walk on an informative tour through Rodeo, NM and the neighboring Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona. 

Naturalist Journeys 

Bird Watching

ggbird.jpgBird watching in Hidalgo County and neighboring areas is incredible! More than 50% of bird species in North America is found in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona.


The Hideout Ranch

hideoutranch.jpgFarther toward Rodeo (right at the NM - AZ state line), visit the Hideout Ranch, which specializes in horseback tours of the area. 

The Hideout Ranch



RV and Camping

If you travel by RV or camp, Hidalgo County is one stop you want to make.  

Rusty's RV Ranch

splash_page_Rustys_RV_Ranch.jpgSouth along Hwy 80 toward Rodeo, visit Rusty's RV Ranch, a full-service camping and RV facility. It includes convenience items, Internet service, and a laundry. Nestled in the valley between the Chiricahua Mountains to the west and the Peloncillos to the east, the breathtaking scenery is enough to warrant a night here.  But, there is so much to do, you might want to spend a few days exploring.

Rusty's RV Ranch

Area Attractions

Lordsburg KOA

koa.jpgSpend a night or two at the Lordsburg KOA, located at 1501 Lead Street. It includes a park, pavilion, and pool.

Lordsburg KOA



Rodeo RV and Country Store

Visit the Rodeo community, the most Western Town in New Mexico! It is near the Peloncillo Mountains of New Mexico and the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona.

country_store_021.jpgJust $20 a night. Weekly and monthly rates available, too. Full hookups and pull-thrus. Bathroom with shower.

Overnight parking is just $10 per night.



Hidalgo County draws rockhounds from all over with its moderate weather, beautiful scenery, reasonable accommodations, and vast miles of minerals pockets.

oldmine.jpgDrive north from Lordsburg to find opals, fire agates, and chalcedony near the Summit Site. Search the remnants of mining claims of the Pyramid Mountains near Lordsburg for bornite, lead, linerite, azurite, and other minerals. Around Redrock, there is ricolite. Near the Coronado Forest (almost to the border of Mexico), search for geodes and Apache tears. Cross Granite Gap to find fields of quartz or explore Skeleton Canyon for agates and rhyolite.

If rocks are your thing, we have hundreds of places you will love to explore!



New Deal and WPA Buildings

library7.jpgPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt took office during a dismal time in the US. He set about to establish work for the unemployed that would give them financial security and maintain their pride. Millions of people were employed to construct buildings, roads and dams; to upgrade fair grounds and conserve open spaces and forests; to bring electricity to rural areas; to teach, paint, photograph, sculpt, write, pen and play music, design, and turn dreams into reality. In 1935, over half of New Mexicans were employed in New Deal programs such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

There are numerous structures in Hidalgo County showcasing WPA programs.

Animas -
School building (former Administration Building)

Lordsburg -
Public Library
City Hall oldschool.jpg
Sunset Canal Dam
Port of Entry
Wilson School

Rodeo -

Virden -
High School (right)

Fun & Entertainment

The Lost Arcade

Rodeo, NM


Located at the Rodeo R.V. and Country Store in Rodeo, New Mexico (right between Tucson, Arizona and El Paso, Texas)

Saturday 8AM to 9PM

Sunday 9AM to 5PM
Also open by appointment and for parties. 



     --> Pizza, drinks, & snacks
     --> Gasoline
     --> Arcade game museum (operational, collectible, for sale)
     --> Convenience store items

Chris TalbotGas_and_Groceries_in_Rodeo7.jpg
575.557.1963 (store)
575.557.0055 (personal)


Mountain Valley Lodge & RV Park

It is a wonder-filled place for Birders, Mountain Bikers, Hikers, and our night sky awakens an awe that brings folks back next year and the year after that to gaze at the heavens. They start calling themselves Astronomers, though some prefer Star Gazers or Incurable Romantic.

We have beautiful views of the Chirichua Mountains, one of the prime destinations for literally hundreds of bird species. Portal, Arizona, famed for being base camp to Birding Afficianados from around the world, is 7 miles away. So when you with stay us, you are close to the action but far from the madding crowd.

The Chiricahua Mountains provide a migration corridor above the surrounding desert and rise through seven life zones. Providing a wide range of ecosystems and a variety of plant, animal, and bird species, it is one of only two sites in the US where the elegant trogon nests and home to 16 varieties of hummingbirds. Nestled in the area are hummingbirds, screech owl, great horned owl, elf owl, ring-tailed cat, skunk, coati, gray fox, deer, Javalina., and black bear and big horned sheep.

Come and vist. Bring all your relatives. We have cottage, motel and RV accomodations. It is a beautiful place for a family reunion. You can relax by the Koi pond while the more energetic strike out to discover the beautiful land that Geronimo and Cochise loved. This country is steeped in history of the Old West. The famed town of Tombstone is less than 100 miles away. Tucson, Arizona is only a 2 hour drive, while the Mexican border is about an hour away. Rivers, canyons, mountains are all within easy driving distance.

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