Lordsburg-Hidalgo County Museum

710 E. 2nd Street
Lordsburg, NM 88045

Hours of Operation
1 PM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday 

The museum is growing monthly with new donations by residents, both past and present. It is non-profit, free, and operated in part by volunteers. It contains thousands of artifacts, photographs, and equipment dating back to the late 19th century.


Specialty sections include:

Prisoners of War Room

During World War II, Lordsburg was the site of an internment camp for American Japanese. Later in the war, it housed Italian and German Prisoners of War. The display has been exhibited nationally and is one of the most complete collections of POW history and memorabilia in existance.

The Johnson Photo Room

Thousands of photographs from the 1800's to the present have been compiled, scanned, and organized in collections by date. Many residents have contributed photographs and are still in the process of identifying places and people shown. Visitors can browse books of photographs or wall displays of poster-sized photos from all eras of Hidalgo County history.

The Military Room 

Artifacts, weapons, uniforms, and living conditions of the US Military are displayed to honor American servicemen and women. Displays represent WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the War on Terrorism in Iraq. 

The Dr. Baxter Room

Dr. Baxter was a beloved town doctor who impacted the lives and health of area residents for many years.


The Mining Room

Genuine artifacts commemorate the mining contribution to the settlement, sustainment, and economy of Hidalgo County.  Browse among mining cars, equipment, and memorabilia from the 1880's through the Phelps Dodge Copper Smelter which closed in 1999. 

The Avon Room

Remember those unique Avon bottles loved by everyone? This room houses a collection of bottles spanning 43 years of Avon history.

Railroad History Room

Thanks to Junior Gomez of Rodeo, you can "see" the railroad era through soutwestern Hidalgo County in miniature. He has built and assembled a scale model of Rodeo when the trains were its life, complete with equipment, animals, and scenery. He also has drawn and painted memories of his childhood of riding the rails home from basketball practice after school and experiencing the changes of the area that brought, and then removed, the railroad from everyday life.

Other Special Exhibits

Visit the Western Village, a collection of old west pioneer and ranching life artifacts. There is a section of old office equipment, an exquisite arrowhead collection, rock and mineral collection, and even complete wagons and appliances. 

The Chiricahua Desert Museum

museum.jpgPortal Rd. & NM 80
Rodeo, NM 88045


Open 7 days 9 AM - 6 PM (most holidays)

The new 8,000 square foot facility, located north of Rodeo, the museum celebrates the diverse wildlife of the region. In , it exhibits live reptiles, has a 20,000 square foot Botanical Garden and Wildlife Sanctuary, and offers guests art and gifts shopping. An extensive collection of artifacts and books will delight reptile lovers.