Hidalgo County Emergency Medical Services

David Whipple, Director

115 EMS Lane
Lordsburg, NM 88045



The mission of Hidalgo EMS is to serve the public as a team of dedicated Professionals by providing quality emergency care, public education, and community service.


Hidalgo County's EMS system incorporates one full-time department located in Lordsburg and four other volunteer departments situated in the county's most rural areas. With this system, virtually the entire county and parts of southern Grant County are assured 24/7 coverage. Hidalgo County's centralized dispatch system allows these departments to work together to provide emergency care hundreds of times each year.

In addition to medical and traumatic emergencies, Hidalgo County EMS currently provides ambulance coverage for special events within Lordsburg and Hidalgo County. On site coverage is provided for football games, Relay for Life, county fairs and rodeos, and a host of other events.

County Ambulance

Animas EMS
              Jared Fralie
              P.O. Box 42
              Animas, NM 88020

Cotton City EMS
             Joe Wayne Fralie
             41 Cherokee Loop
              Animas, NM 88020

Playas EMS
              Jo Jarvis
              36 Ridgecrest Street
              Animas, NM 88020

Central Emergency Dispatch

Priscilla Maxwell, Director

305 Pyramid Street
Lordsburg, NM 88045

575.542.8827 dispatch   575.542.8896 fax



The mission of Dispatch Services is to handle 911 and non-emergency calls for law enforcement, medical, rescue, and fire to provide county citizens with  quick and efficient response to best serve the needs of communities.


Our personnel must maintain composure under stress, become familiar with county boundaries and all roads throughout the area, and to monitor and transmit on emegency radio frequencies. Dispatch utilizes computerized telephone and mapping systems to expedite efficiency. It provides law enforcement, fire, and medical personnel specific and timely information to offer residents and visitors the best possible emergency aid.

When Contacting

When calling in an emergency, there is information that makes the dispatcher's job more effective. Give your name, call back number, and your address or the address for which service is requested. Try to remain calm and answer the dispatcher's questions fully.

News & Announcements

County Dispatch Asks for Updates

Hidalgo County Dispatch is asking that county businesses update their regular and after hours contact information to ensure that response to emergencies and callouts are efficient.

Please fill out the form below and either e-mail or print it. You can mail the form or bring it to

Central Dispatch
305 Pyramid
Lordsburg NM 880045

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