Enrichment Center Renovation

The Enrichment Center was originally Lordsburg High School, built in 1914 by El Paso architects Trost and Trost. Henry Trost (1860-1933) was known for designing brick structures. It is being renovated and restored to use as a meeting center and office building.


In 1914, the new school was finished, with sloped roof.


In 1928, it was remodeled. The sloped roof was replaced with a flat one, the building was expanded, and an auditorium was added.


In 1930, it housed its 15th cycle of young people in pursuit of education.

The building served as high school until 1952, when it became the Junior High School when the new high school was built. It remained a Jr. High until Dugan-Tarango Middle School was built in the early 1970's. The building was renamed the Enrichment Center and was used for administrative offices, storage, and specialized education classes. It was closed and abandoned in 1978.

The school's most famous student was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner, who attended eighth grade there.

There have been plans presented to restore and renovate the building over the years since its closure, but no agreement was reached with Lordsburg Municipal Schools. In 2006, Edmund Saucedo nominated the building to be listed on the New Mexico List of Most Endangered Places through the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance (NMHPA).  The building was added to the list in 2007.    The NMHPA is New Mexico’s only statewide, private organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and stewardship of New Mexico’s cultural heritage properties.

In July of 2011, city and county government signed a transfer agreement with Lordsburg Municipal School District to take over the building as joint owners. In October, the Hidalgo County Heritage Society was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to manage fundraising and renovation of the Enrichment Center.

For information, contact: Edmund Saucedo

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Hidalgo County Comprehensive Plan

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Hidalgo County Comprehensive Plan Update 2011


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Enrichment Center (cont.)


Lordsburg Middle School  1969



The building in 1985

Photo courtesy of June and Lloyd Engelbrecht, Indiana.