County Manager


Jose J. Salazar

305 Pyramid St.
Lordsburg, NM 88045
575.542.3414 Fax

Mr. Salazar is a veteran of law enforcement, serving over five years with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department as Deputy and Sergeant, and 21 years with the Motor Transportation Police (a department of Public Safety) which he joined in 1989. He served there as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and South Zone Major. He managed the Officer Field Training program, HIDTA interdiction initiative, bilingual incentive program, color guard team, and served as contact for NAFTA regulation of commercial motor vehicle activity within the US/Mexican border. He gained experience in budgeting, personnel management, and project management in these positions.

John graduated in 1999 from the School of Police Staff and Command # 135. He holds a Law Enforcement Command Certification. Attending New Mexico Highlands University in 1982-1983, he majored in Political Science. He earned his Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Western New Mexico University. 

He is the vice-president of the Lordsburg Police Athletic League, past board member of Hidalgo Medical Services, and former member of the New Mexico Sheriffs and Police Association.

John is married to Leslie and they have two daughters, Kayla, who is married to Sergio Elias, and Danica (11), and two sons, Aaron (engaged to Elizabeth Alvarez) and Jeremie (16). They also have two grandsons, Aiden (6) and Aaron Christopher (4), and one granddaughter Emmie (1).


To provide services as the administrative staff for the board of county commissioners and as proactive leadership to the board and to elected and appointed department heads.


The County Manager:

Implements and administers policies established by the Board of County Commissioners.

Conducts executive management of departments placed under his charge.

Provides support for Board of Commissioner's initiatives and programs.

Interacts with County elected officials, other governmental agencies, and community groups to coordinate related activities and responsibilities.

The County Manager's staff provides administrative, research, and documentary support services to the Board of County Commissioners and county departments. 

The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day functions of the county and prepares the annual budget for the Board of Hidalgo County Commissioners. The office typically coordinates the activities of appointed and elected department heads to ensure the effectiveness of County operations and may perform topical analyses on issues before the Commissioners.

The County Manager may be used to provide the Board of County Commissioners with objective analysis of issues on its agenda and often the Board looks to its Manager for recommendations. Working with the financial officer, elected offices of Treasurer, Assessor, Sheriff, and other departments, the Manager coordinates in the preparation and administration of the county budget.

The County Manager typically provides the Board of Hidalgo County Commissioners with recommendations regarding labor relations and other matters involving employee benefits and may represent the Board in labor negotiations. Through the coordination of departmental activities, the Manager works to resolve differences among departments and ensure that county government operates harmoniously.

County Manager's Staff

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Administrative Assistant, Tisha Green

Payroll Clerk Miriam Jacquez