County Clerk's Office

Melissa DeLaGarza, County Clerk

Entry level of Hidalgo County Courthouse
300 Shakespeare
Lordsburg, NM 88045
FAX 575.542.3193

Alyssa Olivas Esquivel, County Chief Deputy Clerk

Office Hours: 9-5 Monday - Friday 


The office of County Clerk preserves the integrity of elections and promotes public awareness and participation in the electoral process while complying with applicable statutes and rules. It also preserves and promotes public trust and confidence in Hidalgo County governmental services by providing assistance to those seeking access.


The County Clerk is an elected county official. Some of the responsibilities of the office include:

Handling voter registration and election administration

Acting as ex-officio clerk of the County Probate Court

Acting as ex-officio clerk to the Hidalgo County Board of Commissioners, creating and maintaining minutes of the meetings of the board for permanent record

Recording, filing, and preserving all types of documents submitted for public and permanent record

Issuing Lodger's Tax Applications

Issuing Business Licenses

Issuing Liquor Licenses

Issuing Marriage Licenses and maintaining database for permanent record

Cost for Documents

billing_-_Copy.png  Rate Chart for Documents


future-projects.png  Fees for Filing Documents

Business Licenses

What licensing requirements are there in New Mexico?

New businesses in New Mexico may be required to register with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. Businesses may also need to report tax income and withholdings. If your business has employees, you will need to register with the New Mexico Department of Labor.

To register a business in New Mexico, your business may need to apply for separate occupational licensing from the county where the business is located. There is no General Business State License.

What kind of occupational licenses are available?

There are over 30 different specialized occupational business licenses available. You can visit this site for a list of the licenses available. Each license also has a link to the commission or committee and their requirements for licensing. You can also contact New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department for additional information at 505.476.9500.

There are available online applications for specialized occupational businesses. To find out which are available, check here.

What is needed to register a business at the city/county level in New Mexico?

To register your business in most cities in New Mexico, you may need to do the following:

• Register with the Zoning Code Services division of the Planning Department
• Obtain a State Tax Identification Number for your business 
• File the county's business license/regulations application. Most are available online or in person
• Choose Business entity (DBA, General Partnership, Corporation, etc.)

While doing business in New Mexico, you will need to also choose a business entity (i.e., Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, etc.). Many of the state licenses depend on under which type of entity your business is structured.

What type of questions will be asked on the application?

Depending on the type of application applying for, you will most likely be asked:

• Name of business
• Address/location of business
• Tax Identification Number
• Owner's names and addresses
• Any employees
• Type of ownership
• Date business started

In Hidalgo County

A new business must complete a business application form, which requires the state issued CRS number.

An application must be complete for each business and there is a $25.00 fee for each license.

The fee covers the calendar year (January 1-December 31) and is not pro-rated. 

The business license fee must be submitted before engaging in business.

Fee for renewing business licenses is due by January 31 of each year.

Military Records Request Form

To request your military records from the National Archives and Records Administration, follow the instructions on Standard Form 180 to request a DD 214 copy or other records.  The form is available here and at:


What You Need to Know

What We Can't Do

The County Clerk's staff will not conduct searches, but can provide the name of the local abstract and title company upon request.

The staff cannot give legal advice about documents you want recorded (whether they are correct, complete, or legally sufficient for your purposes).   Consult an attorney in these matters.

Recording of Documents

clerk1.jpgPlease remember that the documents being recorded are permanent records and must be legible and reproducible after being scanned and filmed

Our office uses a 2" by 4" label for recording information. Please allow enough space on your document for this label or it will be returned to you unrecorded.

Document Requirements

Whether you choose to submit your documents for recording in person or by mail, here are some important requirements:

Only original documents are recorded.

All documents must be notarized. Notary information must be complete (signature, date, seal, and expiration date required).

When mailing, please send exact fees. Documents that include over or under the amount due will be returned without being processed.

A complete legal description is required for transfer of property.

Birth and Death Certificates

The Bureau of Vital Statistics in Santa Fe, New Mexico issues birth and death certificates for the state. They can be contacted at:

Office of NM Vital Records and Health Statistics
1105 S. St. Francis Drive
P.O. Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM  87502-6110

More information can be found at their web site. 

Birth certificates are also issued in Las Cruces:

Dona Ana County Health Center
1170 N. Solano, Ste. A
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Apply Monday-Thursday:  8:00 AM-11:00 AM, 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Friday hours: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM; 1:00 PM-4:00 PM 

Charge is $10.00 with valid government issued photo identification.

You can also check here for addresses for requesting out-of-state birth certificates.

Marriage Licenses

Age 18 and over Each individual must have a valid form of identification (includes a photo and date of birth) or a certified birth certificate from state or country of origin

Age 16 and 17 Each individual must have a valid form of identification (see above) or birth certificate, plus consent from a parent or legal guardian with a valid photo identification and proof of parental or guardian rights (no alternative). Both applicants must be present with parents or guardians to sign the marriage license.

Under age 16 Each individual must provide identification (see above), have parent or guardian present (see above), and have a Court Order (no alternative). 

Other Requirements

Both applicants must be present at the time of the marriage license application.

Social Security number is needed for each individual (refer to N.M.S.A., 1978, 27-1-10A).

A fee of $25.00 must be paid at the time the license is issued, paid with personal check, cashier check, money order, or cash. (No credit cards accepted.)

What kind of questions does the New Mexico marriage license application ask?

Typically, you will need to provide the following information: 
• Full name 
• Address 
• Date of birth 
• Place of birth 
• Social security number

Not Required

No blood test is required.

There is no waiting period prior to purchasing license.

There is no expiration on the license after it is purchased.

Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage ceremonies can be performed in any county in New Mexico only.

Individuals are responsible for making their own ceremony arrangements. Courts within Hidalgo County able to perform a civil ceremony are:

Magistrate Court 575.542.3582
Municipal Court 575.542.3124
Probate Court 575.542.9512

Marriage licenses need to be recorded within 90 days after the marriage ceremony.

Request for Marriage Licenses-Certifed Copies

To get a certified copy of a marriage license that was issued in Hidalgo County, please send a written request to the County Clerk with the following:

1. Names of the couple
2. Approximate date of the marriage
3. $1.50 per copy (personal checks are accepted)
4. A self-addressed stamped envelope
5. Mail to: Hidalgo County Clerk
                  300 Shakespeare,
                  Lordsburg, NM 88045