County Assessor's Office

Martin Neave, County Assessor

Hidalgo County Courthouse
300 Shakespeare
Lordsburg, NM 88045
Office: 575.542.3433
Fax: 575.542.3193 


Jody Hatch, Chief Deputy Assessor


Office Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM  Monday - Friday


To provide a well-managed office that will serve the public with qualified, courteous staff to aid taxpayers in understanding and complying with property tax laws.


The Hidalgo County Assessor is elected to offer fair and equitable assessment of all real and personal property for county taxing authorities. A current, accurate tax base helps school districts, municipalities, and government agencies to fairly base tax levies for projects and service. The assessor can also determine if property is exempt by the state of New Mexico.
The Assessor determines property value of homes, businesses, and other taxable property within the County for ad valorem tax purposes. The office compiles the tax roll for the County Treasurer for real property (land and improvements), personal property (business equipment), livestock and manufactured homes.
The Assessor's office maintains current and correct ownership records of all property within the county.

Tax Bills and Assessed Value

Steps in Forming A Tax Bill:

  1. Assessor values property.
  2. Assessor reports values to New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).
  3. County incorporated areas and school districts submit bedgets to DFA.
  4. DFA includes bond issue taxes.
  5. DFA checks budgets for compliance within New Mexico Statutes.
  6. DFA gives proposed tax rates to County Commissioners.
  7. Assessor issues a Tax Roll to the County Treasurer based on the *mil rate and taxable values.

Formula for Calculating Tax Amounts: Assessed value, less exemptions, divided by three, times the tax rate.

Home Ownership

Mobile Home Sales or Purchases

 If you are moving or selling your mobile home, the Assessor will require the new site address, new mailing address and new owner's name as it should appear on the new title to be issued by the state Motor Vehicle Department. After all information is taken, the Assessor will send you to the Treasurer's Office to get a tax release. The Treasurer will collect all prior and current calendar year taxes before signing and sealing the tax release. Your paper work must then be taken to the Motor Vehicle Department for the changes to be made.

Taxes Paid by Mortgage Companies

If you have a mortgage on your property, your mortgage company MAY pay the taxes. However it is YOUR responsibility to insure that your mortgage company is paying your taxes. You can verify payment of the taxes by calling the Treasurer's Office.

Make Sure You Know!

assessor.jpgRendition of personal property and claiming of exemptions is required to be reported to the Assessor's Office by the last day of February each year.

Notice of Values are mailed to every property owner by April 1 of each year. Owners have an additional 30 days after that date in which to report any changes that need to be made.

Hidalgo County Assessor's Guide 

This Handout will give you information about the Notice of Value.


January 1

All property subject to valuation for property tax purposes shall be valued as of January 1 of each tax year.


All improvements, decreases in value, mobile homes, livestock, business personal property, and claims for any applicable exemptions are due by the last day of February. 


April 1

On or before April 1, the County Assessor will mail the notice of value to property owners. If an owner wants to protest value determination, it is allowable. The owner must file a petition of protest with the county assessor within thirty days of receiving notice of value (postmark date). There is no legal right of the owner to protest the tax rate. 

What Does it Mean?

Notice of Value
The Assessor mails property owners a "Notice of Value" every year. This document notifies the property owner of total assessed value, property description and exemptions applied to the property. Property owners should always examine the document for correct information, because this Evaluation helps determine property taxes paid to the Treasurer's Office. Owners have thirty days from the official mailing date to contact the Assessor's office with issues, or to apply for exemptions.
Benefits and Exemptions

Head of Family Exemption-
The Head of Family Exemption reduces the taxable value of  property by $2000. This exemption is only allowed for one person in the household who owns and lives at the residence and can only apply to one NM county. It is not required that the Head of Family have any dependants.

Veteran's Exemption-
A property owner who is an honorably discharged veteran or is a surviving spouse of a veteran (who has remained umarried) may qualify for this exemption. A Certificate of Eligibility is obtained by submitting the veteran's DD-214 with the APPLICATION. This certificate must be presented to the Assessor's office in order to apply the exemption for the first time. As long as the veteran or surviving spouse owns the property, the exemption will be reapplied.
100% Disabled Veteran-
A veteran can be considered 100% disabled by the Veterans Commission to qualify for 100% exemption from residential property taxes.  The veteran's unmarried surviving spouse may also quality. An application must be submitted to A Certificate of Exemption must be presented to the Assessor's Office for initial exemption, which will be automatically reapplied as long as property ownership remains the same. 
Valuation Freeze-
Taxpayers who are 65 years of age or older or permanently disabled, and who have a modified annual gross income of $32,000 or less may apply for a valuation freeze of their residence. Proof of income, age, and/or disability must be submitted with an application for valuation freeze.