Cotton City History

Just like the name suggests, the area was centered around a cotton gin. It was called Valley View until 1949.  The Valley View Church still reflects that name, a few miles north of the settlement.

The area has had a strong farming base, growing chile, cotton, beans, and corn. A processing plant for seasonal crops has operated there as the only industry employment. A few miles north, a large geothermal greenhouse flourished, producing large quantities of roses, until a few years ago, when the changing economy forced closure and reduced area employment. For a time, the geothermal springs also supported Americulture, a Nile tilapia fish hatchery. 

Today, Cotton City is included with Animas for mail and educational services. Gas and food are bought elsewhere.


Fast Facts

Latitude 32.088

Longitude -108.879

Elevation 4,236'

Population 521

Zip Code 88020 (Animas)