Interesting Facts

~Lew Wallace, New Mexico Territorial Governor from 1878-1881 and author of Ben Hur, stayed at Shakespeare during a trip

~Billy the Kid washed dishes in Shakespeare, right outside of Lordsburg.

~In 1917, Pat Garrett’s blind daughter Elizabeth wrote the state song, “O Fair New Mexico” while in Lordsburg.

~In 1938, the Lordsburg Municipal Airport opened, the first airport in New Mexico. Charles Lindbergh stopped there in the "Spirit of Saint Louis" on the Guggenheim Tour of 48 states in 1927.

~Lordsburg housed 1,500 Japanese Americans in a Japanese American internment camp operated by the U.S. Army during World War II. It also housed captured Italian and German soldiers.

~In the mid 20th century, Lordsburg was one of the few stops on I-10 which accepted African American guests at hotels, making it a popular rest stop during travel.

~Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor lived on a ranch in southeastern Arizona and  attended eighth grade in Lordsburg.

~In 1962, fossilized skeletons of two mammoths were found near Lordsburg.

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The weather in Hidalgo County is considered moderate, with about 360 days of sunshine a year.  The warmest month is June and the coolest month is January. Average rainfall fluctuates around 10 inches a year, with most precipitation in July, the "monsoon month."