Genealogy 101

More people are becoming interested in genealogy as online sites continue to collect and share information about the past. Many sites charge fees for membership, but some resources-like government records-are free to explore.

How to get started?  Find a site with a free genealogy family tree map.  Fill in what you know.  Then, begin searching records.  100 Ways to Research Your Family Tree for Free has a list of free information and record sources. Search birth, death, and marriage records or immigration records. Look through old newspapers to find an incident or an obituary.  Use the research of others who connect to your family tree to spring off into your own branch.

Keep careful records of what you find.  Soon, you will be addicted to investigating your own roots and family history.  There might be a few horse thieves along the way, but any family tree is rooted in both the beautiful and the ugly of human history.

Where to Look for Genealogy Records

The New Mexico Death Records Index   NMDI

When there is a listing for a person in the death index, it does not mean there is a death certificate that exists, especially before 1919. Records prior to 1919 were collected by a  variety of institutions which were not health-related, including counties and churches. For the most part these records are not available from New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics. Remember that the death index only goes from 1899 to 1940. If you are not sure in what county the person died, check the following link to maps of New Mexico counties. NM County Map

Search the Rootsweb archives for Hidalgo County.

The City of Lordsburg takes care of the cemetery records for Mountain View Cemetery and for the Shakespeare Cemetery. (It is also referred to as the Catholic Cemetery.)
City of Lordsburg
206 Main St
Lordsburg, NM 88045

Hidalgo County Court House

The Lordsburg-Hidalgo County Museum
The museum has pictures dating back to the 1880's, many with all persons identified. It also has old school records from the area and miscellaneous records which could be helpful.
710 E. 2nd St.
Lordsburg, NM 88045
1 PM - 5 PM  Monday - Friday