Cloverdale Cemetery



Grave Markers

Name Dates Inscriptions and/or Comments
Austin, Sylvia Marie Sanford No dates Wife of William
Austin, William Hyram No dates They had no children
Awtrey, Annie 1903 - 1962 Married to Fletcher
Awtrey, Fletcher 1902 - 1965 Homesteaded in the area
Awtrey, William Bird b. 1/10/1896 d. 4/27/1920 "In God We Trust"
Bass Daniel Edwin "Big Jack" 4/5/1878 - 8/9/1942 "In Loving Memory of Our Dad" "Thy trials ended, thy rest is done."
Bass, Susan Iona "Susie" Chisum
6/12/1857 - 3/27/1950 "In Loving Memory"  "Mother"
Bass Vivian Leonard
1/3/1901 - 12/11/1931 No inscription
Bass, William Edwin "Ed" 7/1854 - 3/9/1925 "Life's work all done, he rests in peace."
Boles, Alice Harrall 5/6/1863 - 3/26/1932 "In Loving Memory" Mother of Tom I Boles and Ethel B Smith.
Married to Tom P Boles 1887 "Mammie"
Clark, Charity A 2/27/1849 - 1/15/1931 "She is at rest" (John's wife)
Clark, Pvt John T 11/28/1840 - 12/31/1922 "Co H 2 Tex Cav CSA  Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God"
Estes, James A 1899 - 1917 No inscription
Henderson, Eva May "Penny" Pendleton 1/9/1890 - 12/17/1986 Nee Bass, first married to Tom Pendleton then Lee Henderson
Henderson, Lee 3/14/1904 - 12/3/1945 No inscription
Hervey, Hazel Marie Pendleton 4/1/1914 - 7/7/1988 Turquoise memorial-inscribed with "I can! I will! I did!" from her parents.
Black marble plaque placed by children with the verse Matthew 28:20
Lasher, Otis Dell Unmarked grave  
Lloyd, Levi Fletcher 1888 - 1913 "At rest"
Lloyd, Sylvia Marguerite 1911 - 1963 "Babe"
Mc Sherry, Baby No dates Unmarked
Mendoza, Eduardo No dates Ms Cowan said he died 15 or 20 years ago
Pendleton, Thomas Maynard "Tom" 5/3/1890 - 5/17/1937 "In Loving Memory"  "Great love lives on"
Pendleton, Tom M 6/17/1939 - 3/9/1991 Son of George and Lorena Pendleton
Robertson, Asa Austin 1920 - 1967 No inscription
Robertson, Marguerite Lucille 1890 - 1968 Was widowed by Levi Lloyd then married Wm Benjamin Robertson
Robertson, William Benjamin Sr
1871 - 1946 No inscription
Robertson, William Benjamin Jr No dates No inscription
Sanford, Cordelia Augusta Caldwell
1851 - 1932 Nee Caldwell
Sanford, Henry Franciso No dates "Co C Hatches' Minn Cav"
Slover, Virginia S 2/2/1909 - 12/5/1988 "Beloved Mother and Grandmother"
Wolf, James D 1868 - 1930 No inscription

Locating the Cemetery

Latitude   31.4053826   31° 24' 19.4" N
Longitude   -108.9200508   108° 55' 12.2" W
Distance to:
Cloverdale 1 mi. NW
Garcia 6 mi. SE
Bramlett 6.7 mi. SE
Deer Creek Wells 13.6 mi. E
Nearby Cemeteries Cottonwood Creek (Cochise County, Arizona) 12.6 mi. W
Elevation 1,602 m
USGS GNIS FeatureID 1829062

Confederate Soldier's Grave

In a record of former Confederate Soldiers buried in New Mexico, a grave at Cloverdale is mentioned, that of Private John D. Clark.