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Hidalgo County Cemeteries

It is impossible to know who many people are buried in Hidalgo County.  Thousands crossed and lived in the county when it was a wild and dangerous land, even before it became part of the US. Countless deaths occurred in the populations of Native Americans who inhabited and traveled this land; the Spanish ranks who crossed it looking for new conquests; the Mexican citizens who chased their cattle stolen by Indians or navigated it going north; the pioneers who came by wagon and coach to make new lives; the miners who followed the promise of riches dug from the ground; the railroad builders and travelers who set their sights on California; the farmers who plowed the earth; the businessmen who followed westward growth; the tourist who just wanted to see it all.  Not all their deaths were marked by a gravesite or acknowledged in lasting ways. 

The meaning of "Animas" refers to the spirits of those who died here, the uncountable passings of lives of every fabric. The past is always with us. 

But, for hundreds of years, commemoration of those who lived and loved here has lasted in areas designated for the dead.  Cemeteries are on "hallowed ground," visited occasionally by the living and then left in peace.

Rarely or Not Used

Animas Village Cemetery

Poteet Cemetery - A family plot, on a dirt road off Javelina Trail near Rodeo, which contains four graves.

Dog Springs - At the extreme southeast part of the county, not accessible to public, a family plot.

San Antonio Cemetery - Located near Virden near the remains of an old Catholic church, remnants of San Antonion de Gila settlement in 1880's. There are five graves.  Listing HERE.

Steins Cemetery - A railroad station that is now a ghost town, Steins Cemetery marks graves from the 1880's.  For the listing: Steins_Cemetery

Tellez Family Cemetery - A community cemetery near Virden. Newspaper article.

Cemetery Listing

Most of the cemeteries in the county are still used, although a few are old and isolated enough that they are rarely visited.

Still Used

Cotton City - LDS Cemetery

Cotton City - Valley View Cemetery

Lordsburg - Mountain View Cemetery

Middle Animas Cemetery

Rodeo Cemetery

Virden Cemeteries

Cloverdale Cemetery


Lordsburg - Shakespeare Cemetery

The cemetery dates back to the late 1800's and contains about 2,000 graves, 500 unmarked. Records can be found HERE or HERE.

The Hill family section includes:

Frank Hill 1894 - 1970
Rita Hill  1901 - 1985
Janaloo Hill Hough  1939 - 2005 

This cemetery is sometimes called the Catholic Cemetery, also.